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A creative strategic and conceptual art director focusing on brands with strong identities and costumer interactions.

Over the few past years I've developed my design style

Here I share my thoughts and ideas about branding, humans, markets, entrepreneurship, startups and design aspects. Some stuff will be my pure opinion, some will be based on facts, some on my self-explored experiences and some just a simple reflection.

Note 1: My expertise is visual communication, not the written word. Therefore, please bare with me through the typos.

Note 2: Everything written on this site is by me. Keep in minde that my opinions and thoughts are colored by my background, Swedish culture and norms, experiences from design processes and my age and gender.

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Diskussionen har funnits länge, vem äger den allmänna stadsmiljön, vem är den för och vad bör den nyttjas till?