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Phase To Face

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Phase To Face

Phase To Face is a project organized by Ideon Innovation and The Creative Plot. The idea of ​​the project is to connect the value of celebrity status with innovation and entrepreneurship in new ventures. To use the advantage of untapped power within personal brands in an efficient and sustainable manner to create more successful businesses. Phase To Face is building a platform together with sports organizations, clubs and innovation networks to create active sports careers and a sustainable phase after the sports career as an entrepreneur and successful business. We want to build and create viable businesses that are sustainable and rewarding. For both the individual who is involved in the project and rewarding from a social aspect.

The process is based on four phases where we, together with the personal brand, identifies and coaches the way forward. The goal is to create successful new business in a global market. The obstacle with the project was to visualize and simplify the concept so we can faster and more easily communicate the message, purpose of the project, and the four phases.


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Hossein Lavi & Emilio Beranrd

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