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Spectra Management

Over the few past years I've developed my design style

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Spectra Management

Spectra Management Group approached us with the need for a complete branding and identity overhaul. The priority was to emphasize that diversity in the executive recruiting process has a much spectrum definition than just race and gender. 

Through an extensive interview and research period, we developed a new logo, graphic profile, brand manual, website, and stationary kit. With the use of our interview process we compiled a thorough breakdown of the Spectra brand and it’s most important values, which are now reflected in print, web, and multimedia platforms. 

A thorough graphic profile, brand manual, website, social media graphics, and stationary kit were delivered.


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Rebranding - Graphic profile, print design and website


Spectra Management Group


Art Director

Creative team

Hossein Lavi & Emilio Bernard

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