The Creative Tour

Over the few past years I've developed my design style

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The Creative Tour

The Creative Tour - A success in the remake.

The first tour was carried through in 2016 and was then named Barcamper. During the week the tour traveled the region, it gave 82 entrepreneurs the chance to present their ideas to the Barcamper crew. In summary, 20 solid ideas and concepts took it to the final weeks of the accelerator. The Creative Tour/Barcamper in 2016 visited six places i Skåne and had a participation rate of 55% women.

This years tour is conducted with the support of Lund municipality and Vinnova through Future by Lund and SOM (Smarta Offentliga Miljöer). The project is also works in conjunction with actors

in the region who offers support activities for entrepreneurs, local and international investors and with researchers from Lund University, Sten K Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship.


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Graphic profile and illustration, web design, conceptual communications


Future by Lund


Art Director & Illustrator

Creative team

Hossein Lavi, Jimmy Sok, Lars Mattiasson

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