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THINK Accelerate

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THINK Accelerate

Think Accelerator, located in Helsingborg, approached is in need of a logo redesign. The founders were satisfied with their current logo, but felt it need an overhaul to reflect modern times and the current state of the business, which had evolved from an incubator into an accelerator. We decided to give the logo a clean and modern logotype, coupled with an icon that used shading and optical illusion. These progressive elements were meant to show that the brand was evolving with the times and was now a multi-dimensional force in the Swedish start-up scene. 

Once a logo design was approved, a full graphic profile was created and all subsequent stationary and promotional material was delivered. A "welcome" package for new accelerator members was also commissioned and delivered, which included a notebook/diary, post cards, and personal business cards.

Note book for the Startups


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Rebranding - Logo design, identity development & print design


THINK Accelerate


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Hossein Lavi & Emilio Bernard

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